Membership & Fees

2020 FEES

Monticello Golf Club is a private not-for-profit organization that offers 210 golfing memberships per year. A membership entitles an individual or family the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the club, both athletic and social. Each year as a membership is not renewed, a membership becomes available to the next applicant on the waiting list. Applications may be completed and submitted, along with a $100 deposit, to maintain your name on the waiting list. The $100 deposit may be applied towards the pending membership but will not be refunded should the applicant drop their name from the waiting list. Once an application is approved for membership, payment of annual dues, initiation fees and assessments will become due.

Social memberships are available at an annual fee of $125 and entitle an applicant to privileges including the wonderful cuisine at our clubhouse and a full bar. Golf and Social memberships require a $200 club house credit deposit, which can be used for purchasing food and drink.  A social membership does not include any golfing privileges. However, what you can enjoy from your membership is the beautiful view of our golf course from the dining room, a fine selection of beer and spirits in our bar with flat screen TVs at any vantage point, or simply the enjoyment of warm breezes on our large outdoor patio. The friendly and professional staff will make your experience most enjoyable.

  • Membership
    (*includes $200 food and beverage credit)
  • Social Membership
    (*includes $200 food and beverage credit)
  • Junior Membership


  • Cart Rental 9 Holes
  • Cart Rental 18 Holes


  • Green Fee 9 Holes
  • Green Fee 18 Hole

Monticello Golf Club Local USGA Rules

All Members and Guests must register in the clubhouse prior to play.

Unaccompanied Guest Restrictions: During Prime Golf Season (May 1 to September 30) on Saturdays and Sundays, Unaccompanied Guests will NOT be permitted until after 10:00 am. Each Group of (2, 3 or 4) must have at least one (1) member in the group.
Group Restrictions: From April 1st to November 1st – No more than Four (4) players per group and all play must begin from Tee number one.

Proper attire required. No tank tops, cut-offs or sleeveless shirts.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during league golf seasons, the hours from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm the course has been reserved for league players and as such they have priority.  No Guest(s) or Member(s) not involved in league play shall be permitted to begin play after 4:30 pm and must wait until after 6:00 pm to begin play.

Golf Cart operators must be sixteen (16) years of age to rent and/or operate ANY golf cart on MGC property.

No more than two individuals per any golf cart.

Golf cart operators are responsible for the course or other property damage caused by improper cart operation.

Each player must have his/her own set of clubs.
All golfers must use proper golf etiquette. Abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated.

Slower players MUST allow faster players to play through.

The groups waiting on #1 tee box MUST yield to group coming off #9 green in an alternating rotation.

Obey all golf cart signs that direct where to drive.

Do NOT drive golf carts closer than 30 feet to any green.

All players must heed to directions of the Course Superintendent, Board Member.

 All beverages, i.e. soda, beer, water, etc. MUST be purchased from the clubhouse. (Coolers available).

USGA rules will apply.

Please REPLACE all divots and repair all ball marks on greens.

Out-of-Bounds (OB) marked by white stakes or fences; off club property (street on #1), the outer edge of the cart path on #2/3/5 and 6 and behind #3/5 green the cart path, clubhouse and patio. The tee boxes are in play.

Any French drain and/or ditches that have visible signs of rock to prevent erosion; a player will receive a free drop from the drain or ditch, within one club length of the outer edge on the obstruction, no closer to the hole.

Golf Cart Operation (Members): Members may operate personal golf carts on club premises when an annual fee has been paid.  Members who do not rent or lease shed space but trailer their cart to the course are required to pay an annual “off premises” cart use (trail) fee. Golf Cart Operators must be sixteen (16) years of age and hold a valid motor vehicle operator license to operate a private cart on Monticello Golf Club property. Member dependents that do not hold a motor vehicle operator license or are younger than sixteen (16) may operate a private cart only when accompanied by an adult. At no time may anyone younger than sixteen (16), or holds a vehicle operator’s license operate a rental cart.

Golf Cart Operation (Non-Members):  Non-Members who wish to operate their private cart on Club property will pay a daily fee of $10.00. Unaccompanied guests who are not immediate family members may not borrow a member’s cart without paying a cart use fee of $10.00.

Golf Cart Storage: Golf cart storage is reserved to current “paid” members of Monticello Golf Club. Members must maintain concurrent membership or forfeit rental or leased storage. Members must have paid their annual dues and cart shed rent prior to April 30th.  On May 1st, individuals not having dues and fees paid will no longer be considered Club Members and must remove all property from and vacate rental and/or leased space within twenty (20) days.

 Rental Cart Operation: Individuals must be sixteen (16) years of age to rent and/or operate a rental cart.  No one renting a cart may sub-lease or otherwise allow an individual under the age of sixteen (16) years of age to operate a rental golf cart.

Rental Time: Due to limited evening daylight a reasonable cutoff time for the rental of golf carts, normally 5:00 pm for eighteen (18) holes or 6:00 pm for nine (9) holes. Rental golf carts must be returned to the clubhouse before sundown.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The MGC Board of Directors